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International Journal of Interdisciplinary Research

Table 5 Summary of major considerations for improved design

From: Assessment of Firefighters’ needs for personal protective equipment

Items Issues to consider improvement of design
Fire gloves Needs to improve dexterity
Oversized glove design
Lack of grips
Confusing sizing system and inconsistency in size among manufacturers
Potential heat hazards when gloves get wet
Turnout boots Change in walking pattern in turnout boots
Frequent fall-offs due to poor fit
Coldness and lack of traction of rubber boots during winter
Strong preference for leather boots (snug fit, better tactile sensation & lightweight)
SCBA Restricted movement of the head and arms
Greater negative on shorter firefighters
muscle soreness and pain in the back and shoulder
Hindrance in accessing pockets of turnout coat
Risk of serious injury when falling
Helmet, face mask and hood Poor fit
Itching face mask when wet
Interface between equipment and turnout ensemble Excessive bulkiness where the boots and gloves are connected with turnout ensemble
Exposure of calf to heat hazard resulting from the pants riding up