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International Journal of Interdisciplinary Research

Table 2 Components and solids content in weight-% of the coating formulations

From: Textile piezoelectric sensors – melt spun bi-component poly(vinylidene fluoride) fibres with conductive cores and poly(3,4-ethylene dioxythiophene)-poly(styrene sulfonate) coating as the outer electrode

Coating formulation A: 60% PEDOT:PSS dispersion 28% PU-binder 10% EG 2% HEUR rheology modifier Solids content (w/o EG): 11.4% Concentration PEDOT:PSS in coating: 6.20%
Coating formulation B: 80% PEDOT:PSS dispersion 0% binder 12.5% EG 7.5% HEUR rheology modifier Solids content (w/o EG): 4.5% Concentration PEDOT:PSS in coating: 19.6%