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International Journal of Interdisciplinary Research

Table 3 Functional groups of purified pink pigment from FTIR Spectra

From: Extraction of Indigo dye from Couroupita guianensisand its application on cotton fabric

Wave number (cm−1) Functional group with mol. motion Purified pink pigment
3500-3300 Amines N-H stretch (1 per N-H bond) 3319.26
2950-2800 Alkanes C-H stretch 2945.10
2950-2800 Alkanes C-H stretch 2831.31
1440-1400 Carboxylic acids (O-H bend) 1444.58
1200-1025 C-N stretch (alkyl) Amines 1114.78
1200-1025 C-N stretch (alkyl) Amines 1022.20