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Figure 2

From: Nelly Don’s 1916 pink gingham apron frock: an illustration of the middle-class American housewife’s shifting role from producer to consumer

Figure 2

Top left: Full scale reproduction of the Nelly Don’s 1916 pink gingham housedress, ca. 1940. Courtesy of the Jackson County Historical Society of Independence, MO. Photograph by M. Day. Top right: A detailed flat drawing of pink gingham apron frock, illustrated by the author using Adobe Illustrator. Bottom left: Pink gingham apron frock, modeled by Anna Ruth Donnelly, Ca. 1916. From “Nelly Don: A stitch in time,” by T. O’Malley 2006, MO: The Covington Group, p. 2. Bottom right: Asymmetrical front closure of pink gingham housedress. Courtesy of JCHS. Photograph by the author on March 17, 2008.

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