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International Journal of Interdisciplinary Research

Table 2 Results of sustainable lifestyle practices factor analysis

From: Impacts of sustainable value and business stewardship on lifestyle practices in clothing consumption

Factor Scale items F.L.a E.V. (%)b αc
Green purchase intention I would pay more for eco-friendly clothing .618 10.27 .90
I am willing to pay more for environmental products .725
I would buy organic clothing to support organic farming .653
I am likely to purchase organic cotton apparel if I find a brand or store that carries organic cotton apparel .632
I would seek out eco-friendly clothing .598
I am willing to pay a higher price to support small growers from third-world countries .577
Clothing care I pay attention to electric consumption efficiency and energy saving capabilities when buying a washing machine and/or drier .658 5.34 .77
I believe buying denim jeans for myself from socially responsible business is good .535
I wash clothes with warm or cold water instead of using hot water .629
I only run the washing machine and dishwasher when they are full to save energy .694
Recycling I recycle glass and paper .483 7.65 .84
I often donate clothes to charity .711
I look for ways to reuse consumption goods .605
I would “band down” clothing in family .528
I save gift wrapping paper .740
I save cardboard boxes for later use .692
Eco-citizenship I have attended a meeting related to ecology .713 16.02 .93
I subscribe to an ecology-focused publication .753
I have signed a petition related to ecology or the environment .718
I have taken part in a protest or demonstration which relates to environmental issues .789
I contribute money to an environmental group .822
I voluntarily wort for an environmental group .840
I read and share opinions on blogs regarding environmental issues .812
I put a lot of effort into being aware of the environmental aspects and impacts of my life .528
I often read articles that address the environmental impacts of companies and industry .544
I make a point to stay up-to-date on changes in environmental laws and regulations .571
Fair trade I am willing to buy fair trade clothing and textile products .599 14.91 .94
I believe more brands should offer of a wider assortment of fair trade products .709
I believe fair trade products need to be lower priced .669
More recognizable packaging of fair trade products is needed .856
It is necessary for there to be an explanation of terms, logos and the meanings of fair trade .846
More provision of labels and indices on the packaging of fair trade products is necessary .882
More fair trade advertising is needed .796
A guideline for ethical norms and codes for consumers should be created .708
Pro-environmental attitude I am willing to participate in preserving the environment .707 11.92 .90
I believe personal responsibility for environmental problems is important .775
I believe the moral obligation to help the environment is important .787
I believe in the standards and ethics of socially responsible clothing businesses .597
I trust environmental information provided by socially responsible brands and businesses .500
I believe in the importance of personal social responsibility .749
I am willing to change brand that represents environmental friendly labels .536
  1. n = 239; Scale range: 1 = Strongly disagree; 6 = Strongly agree
  2. aFactor loading; b explained variance; c Cronbach’s α