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Table 3 Some patents for manufacturing regenerated bamboo fiber, natural bamboo fiber and its blends

From: Prospect of bamboo as a renewable textile fiber, historical overview, labeling, controversies and regulation

S no. Patent no. Publication date/year Invention Source
1. U.S. patent #41,627 16/02/1864 Process for disintegrating the fiber of bamboo Waite (2009);;
2. U.S. patent, #87,295 23/02/1869 Improvement of preparing fiber from bamboo;
3. International publication no. : WO 2004/076728 10/09/2004 Invention relates to a kind of yarn comprising bamboo fibers and its processing method
4. China patent no. ZL02113106.6 Viscose fibers produced from bamboo pulp sheets
5. China patent no. ZL02111380.7 Discloses a process to produce real natural bamboo fibers that can efficiently keep the excellent merits of bamboo fibers. To differentiate the fiber from the rayon one, the fiber is called natural bamboo fiber
6. China patent numbers: ZL03128496.5, 004100464515 and 2005-G-13848 China Bambro Textile Co., Ltd use the combination patents to produce bamboo rayon in a process that trapped the chemicals. 73 % of CS2 and 26 % of H2SO4 are recycled. (Brand: Tanboocel bamboo fiber) China Bambro Textile Co., Ltd—
7. European patent EP 1598 458 B1 31/12/2008 Yarn comprising bamboo fibers and its processing method
Yarn made by spinning natural bamboo fibers alone or in combination with other fibers
8. United States Patent US 7313906 B2 01/01/2008 Method for preparing natural bamboo fiber and yarn prepared by spinning fiber alone or blending with other fibers in a ratio of natural bamboo fibers comprising 30–100 % by weight and other fibers comprising 70 to 0 % by weight
9. CN1600907 B 8/12/2010 Preparation method for fabricating raw bamboo into spinnable bamboo fibers
The method includes cutting bamboo into pieces, placing prepared bamboo pieces in pressure container for obtaining coarse fibre, using mildew aqueous solution; rolling and dividing the fibre, bleaching and rinsing; dewatering and adding reinforcer to enhance fibre strength; emulsifying and drying it for obtaining spinnable bamboo fibre
10. CN101629322 B 29/6/2011 Preparation method for processing bamboo into bamboo fiber with spinnability
The method comprises of pulse electric shock treatment, high-temperature high-pressure cooking treatment and microorganism bacterial decomposing treatment; the microorganism bacterial comprises Ceriporiopsis subvermispora and Trametes gallica