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International Journal of Interdisciplinary Research

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Table 4 The fashion system efficiency evaluation questionnaire

From: Fashion set design with an emphasis on fabric composition using the interactive genetic algorithm

No. Questions 1 2 3 4
1 How is communicability of the fashion system with the user?     
2 To what extent were principles of set design observed in produced designs?     
3 How is the efficiency of the fashion system in designing various designs?     
4 How do you evaluate the speed of fashion design by the system?     
5 How is the efficiency of the system in terms of cost-efficiency and time-efficiency?     
6 To what extent will produced designs help you select a desired clothes design?     
7 How is the effect of users’ tastes in fashion design trend by the system?     
8 In your opinion, how is the effect of the system in attracting customers?     
  1. Offers 4 point evaluation scale: 1 perfect, 2 good, 3 medium, 4 week