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International Journal of Interdisciplinary Research

Table 2 Scenario descriptions for the new sustainable retail models

From: Creativity and sustainable apparel retail models: does consumers’ tendency for creative choice counter-conformity matter in sustainability?

Models Description Hypothetical scenario
M1 Sale of redesigned clothing A clothing store provides one-of-kind products that are created from used clothing items
M2 Clothing repair/alteration services A clothing store provides repair and/or tailoring, alterations services to maintain your garment products over time
M3 Clothing renting A clothing store provides a rental service for consumers to rent certain number of garments for a short time
M4 Clothing swapping Tickets are sold for a clothing swap event, where consumers can bring some unwanted clothing items that are in good condition to swap with others
M5 Style consultancy services A clothing store offers a style consultancy service in-store and online, where consumers may receive advice about how to continue to wear their existing wardrobe in new and different ways