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TableĀ 1 3D modeling software available for 3D printing

From: Case study on 3D printing education in fashion design coursework

Software Provider (website) Characteristics Main applications
MAYA Autodesk ( Modeling of the polygonal method Functions of modeling, rendering and simulation Excellent function of animation Video program, animation, CG, broadcasting, movies, online games, motion graphics
Rhino Rovert McNeel & Associates ( NURBS method 3D modeling of most advanced mathematical expression method Suitable for precise and accurate design work Industrial design, architectural design, engineering, mold design, jewelry design, handicraft design
Sketchup Trimble Navigation ( Sharing platform, providing warehouses, and enabling a user to upload Simple and easy for 3D modeling Architecture, landscape, interior design, product design, online games
AutoCAD Autodesk ( Top leader in 2D-based software Several inconvenient aspects in 3D modeling Architecture, electricity, mechanical engineering, civil engineering
Zbrush Pixologic ( Modeling of the polygonal method Having a tool of sculpting brush Movies, animation, online games, fine art works, design
3Ds MAX Autodesk ( Biggest number of users in the world Compatible with several plug-ins Architecture, online games, graphics
Others (e.g., 123D Design, Blender, NaroCAD) Autodesk, Blender Foundation Simple function and intuitive UI Easy making of simple objects Design