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International Journal of Interdisciplinary Research

Table 2 Results for the research question 2

From: Explorations of wearable technology for tracking self and others

Category Aspect % Sub-group Item %
Liked aspects Small size (I) 20 NC Small size (I) 40
Unobtrusiveness (I) 20   Unobtrusiveness (I) 40
Syncing to apps (U, I, EU) 20   Gender-neutral colors (A) 30
Gender-neutral colors (A) 15   Accessory type (A, U) 20
Accessory type (A, U) 10   Tracking mood and feelings (U) 20
Tracking mood and feelings (U) 10   Simple designs (I, A, EU) 20
Simple designs (I, A, EU) 10   Soft materials (C, I) 20
Soft materials (C, I) 10 EX Syncing to apps (U, I, EU) 40
Battery life (U, EU, EC) 10   Battery life (U, EU, EC) 20
Disliked aspects Unnecessary functions (U) 20 NC Unnecessary functions (U) 40
Discomfort (D) 15   Discomfort (D) 30
Color (A) 10   Color (A) 20
Cost (P) 10   Cost (P) 20
Durability (D) 10 EX Durability (D) 20
Difficulty to use (EU) 10   Difficulty to use (EU) 20
Privacy (R) 10   Privacy (R) 20
Suggestions Fashionable (A) 40 NC Fashionable (A) 80
Moods and feelings (U) 25   Unnoticeable (I) 30
Schedule and task management skills (U) 20   Changeable (U, A) 30
Physical health (U) 20   Lightweight (C, I) 20
Unnoticeable (I) 15   Small (C, I) 20
Changeable (U. A) 15   Versatility in users (U) 20
Lightweight (C, I) 10   Moods and feelings (U, A) 20
Small (C, I) 10   Cost (P) 20
Versatility in users (U, A) 10 EX Schedule and task management skills (U) 40
Cost (P) 10   Physical health (U) 40
Physical attributes (U) 10   Moods and feelings (U) 30
Customizable (U, C, A) 10   Physical attributes (U) 20
    Customizable (U, C, A) 20
  1. NC novice users, EX experienced users, U usefulness, D durability, C comfort, I invasiveness, A aesthetically pleasing, P price, EU ease of use, EC ease of care, R perceived risk-privacy