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International Journal of Interdisciplinary Research

Table 2 Measurement model results

From: Perceived risks and enjoyment of access-based consumption: identifying barriers and motivations to fashion renting

Measures CFA loading Cronbach’s α AVE
Financial risk 0.842 (0.80) 0.645
 I will feel that I wasted money to rent clothing just for a shorter time 0.831
 It will cost a lot to manage and keep the rented clothing in good shape 0.740
 I will feel that I wasted money to rent clothing but not own it 0.834
Performance risk 0.748 (0.80) 0.501
 I am worried about the cleanness of rented clothing 0.637
 The quality of the rented clothing will be poor 0.693
 I will not feel comfortable when wearing the clothing that has been worn by others 0.781
Psychological risk 0.829 (0.86) 0.623
 I am worried that rented clothing will not look good on me 0.742
 It will be difficult for me to be able to match the rented clothing with my current clothing 0.843
 Renting clothing will not match my own personal image 0.779
Social risk 0.899 (0.86) 0.695
 I am worried about what others will think of me when I rent clothing 0.874
 I am worried that my friends might think I look weird or funny in the clothing I rent 0.876
 I will feel that the clothing I rent might not be in fashion 0.802
 I will not feel comfortable wearing the clothing I rent in public 0.777
Frugal shopping 0.851 (0.69) 0.596
 I buy clothing on sale as much as possible 0.780
 I look very carefully to find the best value for the money when purchasing clothing 0.779
 In general, I watch out for bargain prices 0.819
 Even for small items I compare prices 0.705
Perceived enjoyment 0.965 (n/a) 0.849
 I found it would be fun to share clothing with others 0.889
 I would be enjoying to share clothing 0.960
 Sharing clothing would be a real pleasure 0.942
 Sharing clothing would be enjoyable 0.949
 Sharing clothing with others would be a great play activity 0.862
Attitude (I think that sharing clothing through renting is…) 0.950 m (n/a) 0.792
 Foolish: wise 0.843
 Negative: positive 0.901
 Bad: good 0.912
 Unsatisfactory: satisfactory 0.907
 Unpleasant: pleasant 0.886
  1. The numbers in parentheses are based on the reliability of each measure in a previous study