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Table 1 Characteristics of VR Systems

From: Feasibility and user experience of virtual reality fashion stores

  Immersive system Non-immersive system
Size of the environment Real life size Real life size Smaller scale
User navigation control Device (e.g., wireless controller) Body movement (e.g., walking, turning head) Device (e.g., Joystick, data gloves) Device (e.g., keyboard, mouse)
System requirement (resource requirement) Higher performance hardware and software Higher performance hardware and software Lower performance hardware and software
Virtual environment presentation Projected in the headset Projected to fixed walls of a room Displayed on desktop computer monitors
Feedback to user movement Responsive to user head position and angle Responsive to the controller movement Responsive to the controller movement
User awareness of the real world Low Low High
Example Oculus rifts, HTC Vive CAVE Desktop systems
Realism High Medium Low
Sense of presence High Medium Low