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Fig. 3

From: A quantification of the preferred ease allowance for the men’s formal jacket patterns

Fig. 3

Fitting processes for the ease allowance evaluations. Figure shows the fitting processes for evaluating the ease allowance of the jackets used for this study. The first sensory evaluation was conducted by the customers wearing initial fitting jackets. The details needed to produce a custom-made jackets were extracted during the fitting process and these were transmitted to the pattern makers and sewing experts. The basic shapes of the custom-made jackets were formed by adjusting patterns of the initial fitting jackets and the additional design alterations were also applied to the jackets. Then the sewn completed custom-made jackets were delivered to the shop again and the ease allowances were calculated and the second sensory evaluation was conducted. If the customer was satisfied at this fitting process, the purchase was made, but if the customer was not satisfied, the details to adjust jacket sizes were extracted and delivered to the factory with the jacket, and there the minor size adjustment were conducted on the jacket. The corrected jacket was delivered again to the shop to conduct the final fitting process. This final fitting and size adjustment could be repeated several times until the satisfactory fit is achieved

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