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International Journal of Interdisciplinary Research

Table 1 Cross-tabulation of the elderly men according to foot-side and sole types

From: Developing elderly men’s footwear sizing system based on their foot shapes

Foot-side typeSole typeTotal
 % of total12.5010.984.553.0331.06
 % of total9.8510.232.651.5224.24
 % of total16.2914.777.955.6844.70
 % of total38.6435.9815.1510.23100.00
  1. Foot-side type 1 was high forefoot and low midfoot compared to the foot length. Foot-side type 2 was low forefoot and high midfoot, and foot-side type 3 was low forefoot and low midfoot. The H-sole type has a narrow foot width, a wide heel width, and a uniform flat shape with no protruding parts, The V-sole type has foot width and toes width, wide and heel width narrow, the A-sole type has foot width and heel width, wide but toes width narrow, protruded inside, and the D-sole type has protruded outside