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International Journal of Interdisciplinary Research

Table 1 Existing standards related to VHB

From: Standardization of the size and shape of virtual human body for apparel products

Section Standard no. (year) Title
Standards related to digital human models in other fields ISO/IEC 19774 (2006) Information technology—computer graphics and image processing—humanoid animation (H-Anim)
ISO/IEC 19775-1 (2013) Information technology—computer graphics, image processing and environmental data representation—extensible 3D (X3D)—part 1: architecture and base components
ISO 15536-1 (2005) Computer manikins and body templates—part 1: general requirements
Standards related to body measurements ISO 7250-1 (2008) Basic human body measurements for technological design—part 1: body measurement definitions and landmarks
ISO 15535 (2006) General requirements for establishing an anthropometric database
ISO 20685 (2010) 3D scanning methodologies for internationally compatible anthropometric databases
ISO 8559 (1989) Garment construction and anthropometrics surveys—body dimensions