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International Journal of Interdisciplinary Research

TableĀ 4 Summary of VHB size and shape standardization requirements

From: Standardization of the size and shape of virtual human body for apparel products

Step Requirements
1. Collection of body data according to the purpose of utilization and targeted wearers Consideration of convenience and reproduction accuracy according to the purpose of utilization
Unambiguous criteria of targeted wearers and efficient number of criteria for usage
Preparatory selection of candidates of body categorization parameters and detailed body dimensions by reviewing previous research prior to collecting the body data of targeted wearers
Confirmation of the reliability of scan data measuring and editing methods
Unification of terms and definitions of virtual landmarks and virtual body dimensions
2. Selection of criteria for body categorization and establishment of categorized exemplar model library Guarantee of body reproducibility through body categorization
Classification of body shape types and selection of criteria for body categorization
Development of body shape type judgement method on an individual wearer
3. Modeling of an exemplar model figure and application of size altering algorithm Surface modeling of exemplar model figure
Circular fitting and curved surface fitting of exemplar model figure
Constitution of mathematical and geometric size altering algorithm
Conversion to parametric surfaces applied with size altering algorithm
Verification of size altering algorithm in an individual case
4. Creation of customized VHB on an individual wearer Unification of terms and definitions of criteria information for body categorization
Automatic searching function of exemplar model
Standardization of file formats compatibility
5. Confirmation of effects of virtual garment systems Confirmation of reproducibility of digital fitting simulation performance
Development of confirmation method of effect and dissemination method of distribution of virtual garment systems