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International Journal of Interdisciplinary Research

Table 2 Measurement model results

From: Factors affecting the fashion purchase decision-making of single Koreans

Measures CFA loading Cronbach’s α AVE
Private self-consciousness   0.84 0.57
 I tend to think about myself a lot 0.70   
 I always try to understand myself 0.68   
 I am generally familiar with myself 0.63   
 I generally pay attention to my inner feelings 0.67   
Public self-consciousness   0.85 0.59
 I care what other people think of me 0.67   
 I am concerned about the way I represent myself 0.72   
 I try to make a good impression on others 0.74   
 I generally care about my own appearance 0.72   
Extroverted information search   0.76 0.48
 I go to the stores (department stores, fashion stores, outlets, duty free shops, etc.) to get fashion information 0.58   
 I get information by looking in the streets or at people around me 0.67   
 I get information through the salesperson 0.72   
 I get information from fashion flyers 0.64   
Introverted information search   0.76 0.52
 When I search for fashion information, I tend to think about the types of information that I have searched before 0.62   
 I intend to use my favorite information again 0.68   
 I get information through the Internet 0.53   
Self-determination   0.81 0.51
 When I buy fashion products, I usually decide on my own 0.60   
 When I buy fashion products, I make my own decisions even though others disagree with me 0.71   
 I tend to buy products that I like 0.66   
 When I buy fashion products, I don’t care what other people think or notice 0.62   
Non-self-determination   0.72 0.46
 I buy fashion products by reflecting the advice of someone with good fashion sense 0.59   
 I buy according to the majority opinion, even though I don’t like it 0.71   
 I buy fashion products to get good responses from others 0.64   
Post-purchase satisfaction   0.91 0.67
 I am generally satisfied with the fashion products I have purchased 0.78   
 I think it’s a good thing I bought fashion items 0.71   
 I don’t regret buying a fashion item 0.68   
 I am satisfied with the fact that I had a good choice when purchasing the fashion products 0.71   
 The fashion products I bought met my expectations 0.75