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International Journal of Interdisciplinary Research

Table 1 Result of exploratory factor analysis

From: Structural modeling of dissatisfaction, complaint behavior, and revisiting intentions in hairdressing services

FactorQuestionFactor loadingEigen valueVariance (%)Cronbach‘s α
 With material servicesThe hair salon does not have good facilities0.8682.98329.8270.884
The hair salon was dirty and unsanitary0.854
The atmosphere of the hair salon was not comfortable0.827
The hair salon was not well equipped with hair care devices0.805
 With human response servicesThe employees of the hair salon (hairstylists or other staff) were unfriendly0.8812.45124.5100.885
The employees of the hair salon (hairstylists or other staff) did not respond immediately to my request0.867
The employees of the hair salon (hairstylists or other staff) were insincere0.863
 With hairstyling servicesI did not like the hair result0.9092.18721.8730.799
It was not the hairstyle I wanted0.857
The hairstyle did not look good on me0.782
 Total variance 76.210
Complaint behavior
 Public complaint behaviorI usually go to a consumer agency or related organizations to seek settlements0.9052.96529.6550.881
I take legal actions to seek redress0.880
I do not pay for the hair care or ask for a refund if I already paid0.828
I ask the hair salon for coupons, gift cards, or free services0.785
 Private complaint behaviorI speak ill of the hair salon to my family, friends, and neighbors0.9162.49824.9800.898
I actively spread my complaints to others0.907
I talk my family and friends out of going to this hair salon0.891
 No actionI let go without doing anything0.8962.03424.2670.872
I do not make specific demands or actions0.882
I put up with it without making any complaints0.875
 Total variance 78.901
Revisiting intentionsI will revisit this hair salon although there are things I am not happy about0.9532.70090.0000.944
I will revisit this hair salon0.949
I will continue to visit his hair salon in the future0.945
Total variance 90.000