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International Journal of Interdisciplinary Research

Table.1 Design elements and attributes that are popularly categorized as Masculine and Feminine

From: Neo-Crosssexual’ fashion in contemporary men’s suits

 Design elements and attributes conventionally categorized as MasculineDesign elements and attributes conventionally categorized as Feminine
SilhouetteEmphasis on linear; Y- or H- silhouette; emphasis on the men’s shoulders; wide and large; clear-cut silhouette; clearly bifurcated legs through trousersEmphasis on curves; X-silhouette; hourglass; waist-emphasis; skinny; tight; dropped shoulder; explicit revealing of one’s body (e.g. bare legs—hotpants); hiding of bifurcated legs through skirts
Detail (structural or decorative)Small and simple details, generally limited to inconspicuous seams and darts; not many decorative details; occasionally dominant, bold, directed, thick, straight line; straight linear neckline, lapel and sleeves (linear details)Increased decorative detailing through seams, darts, gathers, etc.; curvilinear decoration(s) on neckline, collar, sleeves; décolletage for chest, back and shoulders; lightweight lines; bonnets, veils, trains; ruffle, flounce, embroidery, beads, sequins, ribbons, feathers, bows, eyelets, etc
ColorAchromatic color; dark, cold colors; colors of low-chroma; value contrast; colors reminiscent of sooty smoke from factoriesBright; colors of high-chroma; colorful; pale tones; pastel shades; warm colors; tints of warm or cool hues, etc
FabricThick material; not sheer; non-shiny; matt; homogeneous surface (usually using one type of fabric); heavy fabric; coarse, textured fabricSheer; smooth; shiny; lustrous; flexible and thin; minute variations; often printed and/or blurred; silk, velvet, lace, chiffon, organza, fishnets, fur, quilting, etc
PatternGenerally, not much emphasis on decorative pattern; hardly any pattern, or stripes at the most usuallyColorful or flamboyant patterns, allover; motifs from nature or abstract ones; vegetal, floral, animal prints, curvilinear geometry; bold or minute motifs in many numbers
AccessoriesNot much emphasis on accessories; limited to simple, undecorated ones such as cufflinks, watch, etc.; backpack; necktie; sunglasses; dark shoes without decorationsOrnamental scarves, jewelry, precious stones, pearls, bags, purse, socks, shoes, heels, sandals, uggs, etc., of various colors, patterns, and/or with extra details of decoration