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International Journal of Interdisciplinary Research

Table 1 The categories and their definitions for the images

From: On the fashionalization of digital devices: a study of the representation of mobile phones in fashion magazines

 Categories and sub-categoriesDefinition
1 Institutional elementsThe visual or textual elements that connect to the social world of fashion, including fashion institutions and professionals
 1.1Designer clothing collectionThe model holding a mobile phone is wearing designer clothing. The image is combined with textual description of the clothes and brands
 1.2Designer branded phonesThe phone is the product of a collaboration between mobile companies and fashion designer brands. Sometimes the image of the phone is complemented by the textual information on fashion designers’ names; sometimes the logo of a fashion designer’s brand is visible on the hardware of the phone
 1.3Trends and newsThe image is located in a news section introducing the latest trendy products. The image is combined with brief textual information, e.g. brand, price and where to buy
 1.4CelebritiesThe phone is held by film stars, musicians or top models
 1.5Name of photographerThe name of the photographer is presented in the images
 1.6Fashion professionalsThe image features what phone an experienced fashion professional uses, as a real-life example to show what phone is fashionable
 2SettingThe contexts where the mobile phones are located in the images
 2.1GlamorousThe image depicts a sparkling moment, a glamorous event or a scene of fashion activities
 2.2Unrealistic and imaginaryThe image presents a completely imaginary environment, such as a futuristic or surreal setting
 2.3Realistic and ordinaryThe image features an everyday context that is ordinary and trivial
 3Clothing and stylingThe images that display a relationship between mobile phones and clothing/outfits
 3.1Phones in stylish outfitsThe model holding a mobile phone is wearing a stylish outfit. The cover of the phone often matches the outfit. Sometimes a short textual description in the image describes how they match
 3.2Curated display of many fashion accessoriesThe phone is aesthetically photographed and displayed among a series of fashion accessories
 3.3Phone displayed in parallel to an accessoryThe phone is displayed in parallel to a clothing accessory
 4Characteristics of mobile phonesThe aesthetic features of the mobile phone in the image, such as its decoration, its style and color variation
 4.1Fashion accessories for phonesThe image features stylish accessories for the phone, such as designer phone pouches, charms or wearable bands
 4.2Realistic close-upThe image depicts only the phone without backgrounds. It is an idealized version of the mobile phone
 4.3Glamorous close-upThe image depicts only the phone. The close-up shot presents a desirable image of the phone by using visual techniques such as a colorful or dreamy background
 4.4Color variationVarious images of the same phone in different colors are presented. The picture is combined with textual statement about selecting colors for different moods
 4.5IllustrationThe image features an illustrated representation of the phone. It can be abstract, emphasizing a visual feature of the phone, or lifelike, depicting a real phone
 5Representation of the personsHow the models in the image interact with each other, display their bodies, and their facial expressions
 5.1IntimateThe image features a male model and a female model, whose bodily interaction, e.g. hugging, kissing, looking at each other, shows intimacy. It creates an atmosphere of romance
 5.2Nude and sexyThe model carrying a phone is wearing a swimsuit or little clothing, showing the sexy nude body
 5.3Facial expressionThe phone is close to a model’s face. The model’s facial expression is the focus of the image. It usually shows a happy smile
 6UtilityThe textual information concerns functionality in social situations and new technical features that improve the quality of people’s everyday life
 6.1FunctionalityThe accompanying texts describe what the phone can be used for in specific social contexts, such as video-calling your family, booking tickets, and playing games on the go
 6.2High-tech as titleThe mobile phone is displayed together with other electronic devices. The page has a title of “High-tech”
 6.3Technical featuresThe accompanying texts describe the main technical features of the phone, e.g. high-quality camera, color screen, games