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International Journal of Interdisciplinary Research

Table 3 CELab coordinate system and colour strength

From: Color and fastness properties of mordanted Bridelia ferruginea B dyed cellulosic fabric

Unmordanted fabric76.67.838.70.172.8678.60
Alum post-mordanted fabric70.810.443.60.133.7876.58
Alum meta-mordanted fabric72.38.740.30.153.2677.82
Alum pre-mordanted fabric69.110.944.00.124.1176.09
Calcium chloride post-mordanted fabric58.123.718.80.095.5138.42
Calcium chloride meta-mordanted fabric64.
Calcium chloride pre-mordanted fabric53.825.621.20.086.2139.63
  1. L* = lightness, a*, b* = color index, R = reflectance, K/S = color strength, h = hue angle