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International Journal of Interdisciplinary Research

Table 1 Description of coded variables

From: Top online luxury apparel and accessories retailers: what are they doing right?

Coded variableCategoryDescription
Option of shipping destination at entranceNavigationWhen entering a website shoppers can check if a needed destination is eligible for shipping for the order (available). Otherwise shoppers only learn this at checkout (unavailable)
Link to official partner websiteA local partner website is linked if countries lack direct sale
Link to alternative country sitesCountry code top-level domain changes according to shipping destination is available (e.g.,.fr/.cn)
Number of language optionsTotal number of different language options
Ease of navigationNumber of customer service links from the homepage
Size comparisonSizingSize comparison information is available
Measurement conversionMeasurement conversion information is available
Number of payment methodsPaymentTotal number of payment methods offered
Change in currency optionsPrice displayed in different currencies is available
Number of shipping destinationsShipping and returnTotal number of possible shipping destinations offered
Shipping destinations paired with flag iconShipping destination countries indicated by name with a national flag/ensign icon next to the names is available
Language paired with shipping destinationUpon selecting the shipping destination, the language of the website changes to language of the shipping destination
International delivery policyInternational delivery policy information is available
International returns and exchangesInternational return and exchange information is available
Return label includedReturn labels are included with orders and this information is available
International taxes and duty policyInternational tax and duty policy information is available
Order trackingOrder tracking information is available
Specified postal serviceParticular delivery services used by the website (e.g., UPS/Fedex/DHL) is available
InsuranceInformation about insuring the order is available
Contact usContactContact us feature is available
Number of contact methodsTotal number of different contact methods
Number of phone contactsTotal number of phone numbers that are posted
Call back serviceReceive a call from the company after submitting one’s phone number service is available
Twenty-four/seven service24/7 customer service is available
Live chat serviceLive chat with a customer service representative is available
Number of social media platformsTotal number of different social media platforms
Store locatorStore locator feature is available