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International Journal of Interdisciplinary Research

Table 1 Variables used for statistical analysis

From: Categorization of lower body shapes of abdominal obese men using a script-based 3D body measurement software

Two locations where the drop was calculatedItem
GirthWidthFront depthBack depthAngleHeight
Abdomen—waistOOOOLower body tilt, lower abdomen angle, upper buttocks angle, lower buttocks angleO
Abdomen–thigh  O O
Hip–thigh   O 
Knee–ankle  O (Front X)O (Back X)Crotch height, Knee height
Waist–ankle  O (Front X)O (Back X)
  1. O represents ‘calculated.’ For example, if the two locations where the drop was calculated is ‘Abdomen–Waist’ and the item is ‘Girth,’ this means abdomen girth minus waist girth