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International Journal of Interdisciplinary Research

Table 3 Mean values of the three body shape groups and results of ANOVA for the 10 PCs and 35 variables

From: Categorization of lower body shapes of abdominal obese men using a script-based 3D body measurement software

PCVariableGroup 1 (n = 51, 29.5%)Group 2 (n = 48, 27.7%)Group 3 (n = 74, 42.7%)F
PC 1Abdomen prominence − 512 C0.8810.599 A1.044 − 0.035 B0.83818.455 ***
Front depth: abdomen–thigh6.670 B2.5107.953 A2.1066.706 B1.6226.560**
Front depth: abdomen–hip3.151 B1.3524.586 A1.4093.051 B1.22222.488***
Front depth: waist–hip3.077 B1.3454.466 A1.5442.885 B1.37919.773***
Lower abdomen angle1.091 B0.4641.720 A0.4511.095 B0.44233.404***
PC 2Thigh to knee profile0.067 B0.833 − 790 C0.9620.467 A0.80731.298 ***
Back depth: mid-thigh–knee0.138 B1.0601.185 A1.292 − 0.746 C1.03243.620***
Back depth: thigh–knee0.982 B1.3892.239 A1.857 − 0.207 C1.39737.295***
Front depth: thigh–knee5.798 B1.5074.499 C1.6196.374 A1.36023.626***
Front depth: mid-thigh–knee4.505 A1.2383.473 B1.2494.888 A1.06521.681***
PC3Upper buttocks prominence0.571 A0.7040.305 A0.885 − 0.591 B0.93331.863 ***
Upper buttocks angle1.638 A0.3141.603 A0.3251.108 B0.36148.916***
Back depth: hip–waist5.117 A0.8925.301 A1.0683.643 B1.19244.963***
Back depth: hip–abdomen4.755 A1.1564.731 A1.1493.561 B1.14622.383***
PC4Waist to hip drop − 355 B0.967.078 A0.9790.194 A0.9844.975 **
Width: hip–waist1.605 B1.2662.043 B1.2332.613 A1.16410.694***
Width: hip–abdomen1.839 B1.3771.923 B1.1462.777 A1.21910.989***
Girth: hip–abdomen2.936 A3.7301.280 B3.8863.455 A3.6745.043**
Girth: hip–waist3.2983.7241.9183.8793.2393.7862.184
PC5Thigh to knee silhouette − 477 B1.0630.147 A0.9700.233 A.8659.110 ***
Width: mid-thigh–knee2.041 B1.0352.528 A0.9932.690 A0.7677.762*
Girth: mid-thigh–knee9.282 B2.48410.387 A2.69210.217 AB2.3842.951*
Girth: thigh–knee19.269 B4.01021.444 A2.76821.956 A3.4309.654***
Width: thigh–knee4.434 B1.2995.527 A1.2385.678 A1.28615.677***
PC6Lower body tilt angle0.0160.920 − 0.0280.8990.0071.1210.027
Front X: knee–ankle1.8731.7012.5042.0992.1892.2091.182
Back X: knee–ankle1.0921.3791.7901.8911.3961.7622.097
Lower body tilt0.4870.1400.4620.1130.4880.1230.718
Front X: waist–ankle14.3783.20414.9152.44715.2182.4911.458
Back X: waist–ankle1.3381.816.4281.9140.9322.1142.630*
PC7Waist to crotch length − 0.0230.8480.1271.069 − 0.0661.0550.558
Height: waist–crotch − 28.4241.812 − 28.5662.063 − 27.5972.0754.314*
Length: back crotch37.3272.42637.5782.48436.4322.0984.250*
Length: front crotch39.4371.95639.8812.27839.2984.635.432
Height: waist–hip17.4711.34218.5091.67618.6321.34810.786***
PC8Vertical height − 0.394 B0.8920.226 A0.9970.125 A1.0066.108 **
Height: crotch69.795 B3.46273.065 A4.14273.301 A4.24113.150***
Height: crotch–knee26.381 B1.82928.108 A2.26028.744 A2.60316.243***
Height: knee43.414 B2.18544.957 A2.45644.557 A2.3196.084**
PC9Abdomen to crotch height0.383 A1.032 − 0.419 C0.8700.008 B0.9608.668 ***
Height: abdomen–hip17.290 A4.34515.033 B3.53816.390 AB4.0773.951*
Height: abdomen–crotch28.243 A4.68025.090 B3.82625.355 B4.4668.504***
PC10Lower buttocks angle − 0.530 B0.8680.077 A1.0270.315 A0.92812.427***
Lower buttocks angle1.969 B0.2912.185 A0.3512.276 A0.33013.652***
Back depth: hip–thigh3.889 B0.7824.424 A0.9544.315 A0.8805.407**
  1. ***p < 0.001, ** p < 0.01, A > B > C