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International Journal of Interdisciplinary Research

Table 1 Results of the exploratory factor analyses and related descriptive statistics

From: Predicting clothing behaviors of Generation Y men through self-esteem and body dissatisfaction

ItemsItem loadingCronbach’s αMeanSD
Self-esteem 0.945.311.28
On the whole, I am satisfied with myself0.89   
At times I think I am no good at alla0.86   
I feel that I have a number of good qualities0.76   
I am able to do things as well as most other people0.78   
I feel I do not have much to be proud ofa0.85   
I feel useless at timesa0.82   
I feel that I’m a person of worth0.79   
I wish I could have more respect for myself20.67   
All in all, I am inclined to think that I am a failurea0.86   
I take a positive attitude toward myself0.88   
Body dissatisfaction-weight 0.923.451.46
I think I have too much fat on my body0.84   
Eating sweets, cakes, or other high calorie food has made me feel fat or weak0.83   
I have felt excessively large and rounded in my body shape0.86   
My reflection (e.g., in a mirror or window) has made me feel badly about my size or shape0.86   
I have been so worried about my body size or shape that I feel the need to go on a diet0.87   
I have felt that I am way too focused on my body size or shape0.70   
I have been particularly self-conscious about my body size or shape when in the company of other people0.84   
Body dissatisfaction-Muscles 0.833.741.23
I think I have too little muscle on my body0.79   
I feel satisfied with my overall body build. a0.83   
I have felt like my muscle tone was way too low0.88   
Seeing muscular men has made me feel badly about my own body size or shape0.76   
Body dissatisfaction-Height 0.833.261.63
I wish I were taller0.93   
I am satisfied with my height. a0.93   
Clothing image avoidance 0.893.461.44
I avoid certain clothes that make me look chunky0.74   
I wear certain clothes that I do not like to make my body shape look better0.70   
I wear clothes that help put less emphasis on certain part(s) of my body0.88   
I wear clothes that are larger to try to cover up my problem areas0.90   
I wear clothes that will divert attention from my weight0.91   
I don’t wear “revealing” clothes (e.g., fitted clothing)0.69   
I wear loose clothes to look bigger0.57   
Clothing purchase behavior 0.825.341.03
I buy clothing that fits my personal style0.83   
I buy clothing that is aesthetically appealing to me0.85   
I buy clothing that expresses my personal identity0.82   
I buy clothing that fits me and looks good on me without following fashion trends specifically0.72   
  1. All items were measured with a seven-point Likert scale (i.e., 1 = Strongly disagree to 7 = Strongly agree)
  2. aReverse-coded items