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International Journal of Interdisciplinary Research

Table 4 χ2 (df) and model fit indices for various model testing

From: Validation of the wearable acceptability range scale for smart apparel

Kelly’s modela (NK = 306)798.49760.810.710.650.710.120.10
Initial model (N = 663)989.331830.860.910.900.910.080.07
Modified model (N = 663)253.70840.950.970.970.970.060.04
Model on smart clothing (NC = 332)219.46840.920.950.940.950.070.05
Model on smart footwear (NF = 331)188.64840.930.970.960.970.060.05
Hu and Bentler’ criteria  > 0.90> 0.90> 0.90> 0.90< 0.08< 0.08
  1. N, total sample size; NC, sample size of smart clothing; NF, sample size of smart footwear; χ2, Chi square; df, degree of freedom; GFI, goodness fit index; IFL, incremental fit index; TLI, Turker–Lewis index; CFI, comparative fit index; RMSEA, root mean error of approximation; SRMR, standardized root mean square residual
  2. aResult of the model fit for Kelly’s (2016) 14-item WEAR Scale