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International Journal of Interdisciplinary Research

Table 5 Factor reliabilities for smart clothing and footwear with 15 items

From: Validation of the wearable acceptability range scale for smart apparel

 λ (R2)Factor loadingSEαCRAVE
Design and Aesthetics (4 items)   0.920.990.75
 1. This wearable product is aesthetically pleasing.0.90 (0.8)0.920.02   
 2. This wearable product is stylish.0.94 (0.9)0.940.02   
 3. This wearable product is fashionable.0.85 (0.7)0.890.03   
 4. This wearable product is sleek, not clunky.0.76 (0.6)0.840.04   
Self-expression (4 items)   0.840.960.56
 1. I like what this wearable product communicates about its wearer.0.79 (0.6)0.840.03   
 2. This wearable product is consistent with my self-image.0.79 (0.7)0.880.03   
 3. This wearable product would enhance the wearer’s image.0.67 (0.7)0.860.03   
 4. I could imagine aspiring to be like the wearer of such wearable product.0.79 (0.6)0.840.04   
Consequence (3 items)   0.800.980.64
 1. This wearable product seems like it would be annoying or add confusion to the typical interactions of people (R)0.83 (0.6)0.860.05   
 2. This wearable product’s placement on the body could cause awkwardness or embarrassment (R)0.82 (0.6)0.860.04   
 3. Use of this wearable product would be more threatening than exciting (R)0.75 (0.5)0.810.04   
Reflection by others (4 items)   0.880.990.64
 1. This wearable product would be generally accepted by the vast majority of people.0.82 (0.7)0.870.03   
 2. The wearer of this wearable product would get a positive reaction from others.0.81 (0.7)0.860.02   
 3. The majority of people probably think this wearable product is ok to wear in public.0.76 (0.6)0.850.02   
 4. I think my peers would find this wearable product acceptable to wear.0.81 (0.7)0.840.03   
  1. λ, standard regression weights; R2, squared multiple correlation coefficient; SE, standard error; α, Cronbach’s alpha; CR, composite reliability; AVE, average variance extracted; R, reversed coding