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International Journal of Interdisciplinary Research

Table 2 Questioannaire results for all variables, participants, and conditions: means (standard deviations), and participants comments

From: Experimental design and evaluation of a moisture responsive sports bra




After run

After rest

M (SD)


M (SD)


M (SD)


Ease to put on/ take off the bra

6.57 (0.51)

"I think the independent racer back straps really helped", "Fabric has a nice 'give' to it"


6.21 (1.42)

"My shoulders are broad, so getting bras off can be annoying. This one was easy to remove, however"

Underbust band tightness

5.29 (1.73)

"Too loose, just a tiny bit", "Slightly loose"

5.14 (2.07)

"I was worried it would be loose, but it felt good during the run", "Felt so much better than most sports bras"

5 (2.22)

"Feels like the underband formed to my body", "The bra feels good, I can compare it with the first time I put it on"

Bra strap tightness

4.93 (2.2)

"Too loose: I have a short distance between my shoulders and chest."

4.5 (2.35)

"Not as bad as I thought", "Not tight or too loose"

4.5 (2.31)

"I like those bra straps because they don't loose over the time I was running, neither the time I was resting. It feels very comfortable to wear"

Support in the bust area

4.71 (1.59)

"It feels good now, not running, but the bottom edge is not as tight as my other bras and I wonder if I'll notice that while running"

4.28 (2.55)

" A little jiggly", "Felt like it worked with my body"

6.5 (1.09)

"This is not a bad fit, but I do personally prefer bras to have a bit of lift. This is comfortable but not lifted.", "Feels very loose/stretched out, loose in between breast"

Fabric feel: Itchy/Soft

6.79 (0.43)


6.57 (0.94)


3.57 (1.65)

"Still love how the fabric feels"

Fabric feel: Dry/Wet

1.5 (0.94)

"Can hardly feel a thing!"

3.64 (1.28)

"Pretty dry for how sweaty I got!", "Clung to me past workout when I really started to sweat.", "Very comfortable, breathable fabric!"

6.43 (0.76)

"It rapidly changed from wet to dry. My bra feels dry. During the first 10 min after running it felt very itchy and tight.", "It doesn't necessarily feel wet, but it's cool to the touch which gives it the feeling of being a little damp. Not uncomfortably so"

Overall comfort

6.57 (0.76)

" Very comfy!"

5.79 (1.97)

"Seems to wick away sweat well.", "The bra is very light feeling, and didn't seem to get sopping wet like others I've had."

6.64 (0.63)

"I would say the design of the straps and the support is very comfortable. However, the band is slightly itchy sometimes when it dries. Overall I like it.", "Very comfortable!"

  1. M mean, SD standard deviation