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International Journal of Interdisciplinary Research

Table 1 Helmets and a night vision device used under each experimental condition

From: Physiological and psychological neck load imposed by ballistic helmets during simulated military activities

Conditions NH LH HH HH and NVD
Total weight on the head 0 kg 1.15 kg 1.50 kg 2.07 kg
 Model Not used PASGT type ACH type (side rail and front NVD mount included) ACH type (side rail, front NVD mount, and NVD included)
 Weight N/A 1.15 kg 1.50 kg 1.50 kg
 Material N/A Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) Aramid Aramid
Night Vision Device (NVD)
 Model N/A N/A N/A PVS-04 K, EO System co., Ltd, South Korea
 Weight N/A N/A N/A 573 g (a mount bracket included)
  1. N/A not applicable