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International Journal of Interdisciplinary Research

Table 2 Body measurements and computational items (n = 63)

From: Body shape classification of Korean middle-aged women using 3D anthropometry

Category Item n
Body measurement items Height Stature, Cervical height, Neck point height, Neck front point height, Shoulder height, Axilla height, Bust height, Underbust height, Waist height, Abdominal height, Waist height (omphalion), Hip height, Knee height 13
Length Shoulder length, Bishoulder length, Bust point to Bust point, Waist front length, Waist front length (omphalion), Neck point to breast point to waistline, Waist back length, Waist back length (omphalion) 8
Girth Neck circumference, Neck base circumference, Chest circumference, Bust circumference, Underbust circumference, Waist circumference, Abdominal circumference, Waist circumference (omphalion), Hip circumference, Thigh circumference, Knee circumference, Upper arm circumference, Elbow circumference, Wrist circumference 14
Breadth Neck breadth, Bishoulder breadth, Chest breadth, Bust breadth, Underbust breadth, Waist breadth, Abdominal breadth, Waist breadth (omphalion), Hip width 9
Depth Armscye depth, Chest depth, Bust depth, Underbust depth, Waist depth, Abdominal depth, Waist depth (omphalion), Hip Depth 8
Angle Inclined angle of right shoulder, Inclined angle of left shoulder 2
Weight BMI, Weight 2
Computational items Drop value Drop 1 (Bust circumference-Waist circumference), Drop 2 (Hip circumference-Waist circumference), Drop 3 (Hip circumference-Bust circumference), Drop 4 (Bust circumference-Underbust circumference) 4
Flatness ratio Bust flatness ratio (Bust depth/Bust breadth), Waist flatness Ratio (Waist depth/Waist breadth), Hip flatness ratio (Hip depth/Hip width) 3