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International Journal of Interdisciplinary Research

Table 4 Coefficients of the linear multiple regression equation for the longitudinal flexural rigidity of the embroidered fabric

From: Development of prediction model through linear multiple regression for the prediction of longitudinal stiffness of embroidered fabric

Name of the input parameter Coefficient
Constant (Intercept) −79.248
Longitudinal Flexural Rigidity ( of the base fabric (BFwp) 0.872
Breaking load of Embroidery Thread in gram-force (P) 0.032
Denier of Embroidery Thread (D) 0.248
Stitch Density in no stitches per Sqcm (S) 6.967
Avg Stitch Length in mm (L) −6.176
Average Stitch Angle of Embroidery Stitch w.r.t. the warp direction of the base fabric (θwp) −2.246