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International Journal of Interdisciplinary Research

Table 1 Examples of applications and future research direction for ME polymer–textile composite

From: Development and testing of material extrusion additive manufactured polymer–textile composites

Development Application Brand/subject Description Refs.
Product Wearables LabeledBy; Tamicare Personalised, localised, and sustainable garments and fabrics LabeledBy (2020), Lopez (2020), Tamicare (2020)
Mounting or embossing elements Braille on textiles Modifications of textile surface properties to support blind people Kreikebaum et al. (2017)
Orthopaedic devices Glove; knee brace Customised orthopaedic devices Ahrendt and Karam (2020), Uysal and Stubbs (2019)
Research Programmable or stimulus-responsive textiles (4D printing) Hybrid textiles Polymer–elastic textiles composite: the elastic textile is pre-stretched prior to printing, the stored energy in the textile material prior to printing causes a change in form when the energy is released Narula et al. (2018), Papakonstantinou (2015)
Shape change and self-assembly Stimulus-responsive polymer–textile composite: stimulus-responsive textiles that that can self-transform or morph from one form to another when subject to an external stimulus Leist et al. (2017), Momeni et al. (2017), Zapfl (2019)
Textile-based sensors or electronics Self-sensing or actuator Conductive materials or biohybrid materials—textile composite: sensing body and sensing element BioLogic (2015), Gehrke et al. (2019), Kumar et al. (2019)