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International Journal of Interdisciplinary Research

Table 2 Results of exploratory factor analysis

From: The impact of K-beauty social media influencers, sponsorship, and product exposure on consumer acceptance of new products

Constructs Factor loading Cronbach’s alpha
Sponsorship display status   0.984
 The influencer indicated that the post was sponsored 0.978  
 I think the influencer was compensated by the brand for creating the post 0.977
 The post contained a #sponsored ad# hashtag 0.976
 I think this post has become an advertisement 0.975
  Eigenvalue = 3.818
  Percent of variance explained = 23.861
Influencer type   0.983
 Many people know the name of this influencer 0.975  
 Movies/dramas/programs with this influencer are popular 0.974
 This influencer is a celebrity 0.969
 This influencer is famous 0.968
  Eigenvalue = 3.806
  Percent of variance explained = 23.787
Product exposure method   0.981
 The product mentioned by the influencer could not be seen in the post. a 0.978  
 The influencer was holding the product in her hand 0.974
 The influencer showed the product she mentioned 0.971
 The product the influencer was referring to was visible in the post 0.969
  Eigenvalue = 3.794
  Percent of variance explained = 23.714
New product acceptance intentions   0.920
 I am favorable toward this new product 0.925  
 I think it’s wise to buy this new product 0.906
 I am generally satisfied with this new product 0.881
 I have an intention to use this new product 0.868
  Eigenvalue = 3.243
  Percent of variance explained = 20.267
  1. a Reverse-coded item