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International Journal of Interdisciplinary Research

Table 3 Interview questions

From: Collegiate female athletes’ body image and clothing behaviors

Body image pressures
Inherent to sport
Body shape ideals within sport
1. For your sport, is it necessary to maintain a certain weight? Is there a particular advantage to being a certain body type/body shape? If so, do you feel this body type applies to your own body?
Body image in athletic uniform
Body image in athletic uniform in comparison to teammates and competitors wearing athletic uniform
2. Explain how your athletic uniform contributes to how you feel about your body. Do you like how you look in your uniform?
3. Have you ever felt like you needed to do anything to change your body in order to look better in your uniform in front of other people?
4. Explain how the way your teammates and competitors look in their uniform impact how you feel about your body
Body image in nonathletic wear
Body image in comparison to non-athletic women
5. How do you think you look in the clothing you wear outside of sports related activity? Do you like how you look in the clothing you wear outside an athletic environment?
6. How do you feel about your body in non-athletic wear, particularly in comparison to women who do not play sports?
Garment preferences
Garment fit concerns related or unrelated to sport
7. Can you describe your favourite styles of garments? What type of silhouette do you enjoy wearing?
8. How easily can you find well-fitting garments (pants, shirts, jackets, dress, etc.?)
Impact of a social media trend9. Are you aware of the “thigh-gap trend”? If so, how do you feel about it?
Level of satisfaction with imagery projected by current fashion industry10. What body types/body shapes would you like to see represented by the fashion industry?