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International Journal of Interdisciplinary Research

Table 5 MBSRQ scales

From: Collegiate female athletes’ body image and clothing behaviors

Appearance Evaluation (AE)Feelings of physical attractiveness or unattractiveness; satisfaction or dissatisfaction with one’s looks
Appearance Orientation (AO)Extent of investment in one's appearance
Fitness Evaluation (FE)Feelings of being physically fit or unfit
Fitness Orientation (FO)Extent of investment in being physically fit or athletically competent
Health Evaluation (HE)Feelings of physical health and/or the freedom from physical illness
Health Orientation (HO)Extent of investment in a physically healthy lifestyle
Illness Orientation (IL)Extent of reactivity to being or becoming ill
Body Area Satisfaction (BASS)aSatisfaction with discrete aspects of one's appearance
Overweight Preoccupation (OWP)Construct reflecting fat anxiety, weight vigilance, dieting, and eating restraint
Self-Classified Weight (SCW)bHow one perceives and labels one's weight, from very underweight to very overweight
  1. Participants ranked items of appearance on a Likert type scale from 1 (very dissatisfied) to 5 (very satisfied)
  2. aParticipants responded with one of the following: “Never (1),” “Rarely (2),” “Sometimes (3),” “Often (4),” or “Very often (5).”
  3. bParticipants responded with one of the following: “Very underweight (1),” “Somewhat underweight (2),” “Normal weight (3),” “Somewhat overweight (4),” “Very overweight (5)”