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International Journal of Interdisciplinary Research

Table 9 Estimated mean, standard error and p value for key body measurements of lean sport and non-lean sport athletes

From: Collegiate female athletes’ body image and clothing behaviors

MeasurementLean (n = 12)Non-lean (n = 24)p value
Estimated meanStandard errorEstimated meanStandard error
Bust girth85.3021.38293.4460.977 < 0.001
Waist girth72.8051.29479.9970.915 < 0.001
Hip girth96.6471.602105.8151.133 < 0.001
Thigh girth54.5361.19660.1290.8450.001
Calf girth35.4710.60337.7930.4270.002
Upper arm girth25.7620.53528.9710.378 < 0.001
Across back width37.2790.66439.5760.4700.012
Shoulder width14.6690.60614.3110.4290.804
  1. p value is the result of exact Mann–Whitney U test