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International Journal of Interdisciplinary Research

Table 5 Dimensional component descriptive frequencies (in) and number of groups per pattern-block dimension

From: Exploration of the body–garment relationship theory through the analysis of a sheath dress

Pattern dimensionMean (SD) (in)Min (in)Max (in)Range (in)# of groups
Neck circumference15.75 (0.725)14.4117.132.721
Front neck drop3.58 (0.35)2.864.051.165
Shoulder seam3.95 (0.22)3.504.470.975
Averaged shoulder drop1.24 (0.14)0.8751.570.705
Bodice back waist dart depth7.36 (0.68)5.508.753.255
Bodice back waist dart width1.53 (0.25)0.8751.770.894
Between back waist darts distance5.68 (0.80)4.948.473.533
Bust dart depth5.15 (0.37)4.636.001.384
Between front waist darts distance6.10 (0.45)5.316.721.414
Waist circumference32.28 (1.09)30.9435.945.004
Front waist width17.41 (0.82)15.6619.784.136
Skirt front waist dart depth4.17 (0.68)
Skirt front waist dart width0.69 (0.08)0.480.890.413
Skirt back waist dart depth7.39 (0.75)5.008.633.633
Skirt back waist dart width1.84 (0. 26)
Skirt curve length10.78 (1.92)4.8313.118.282