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Fig. 10

From: Automatic Segmentation and 3D Printing of A-shaped Manikins using a Bounding Box and Body-feature Points

Fig. 10

Effects of different slicing methods (Upper and middle row mean result of equal-interval and non-equal slicing respectively, with respect to beam length. Lower row shows hybrid of both methods. Each figure legend represents “feature points”/”beam length”). a None/50 cm, b None/30 cm, c None/20 cm, d None/15 cm, e PelvisJ/∞, f WaistJ/∞, g LBottomBreastF/∞, h RNippleF/∞, i PelvisJ + WaistJ + LBottomBreastF + RNippleF/∞, j BreastJ + WaistJ/∞, and k BreastJ + WaistJ/15 cm

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