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International Journal of Interdisciplinary Research

Table 5 Comparison of retailers’ monetary and in-kind contributions during the COVID-19 pandemic

From: Global fashion retailers’ responses to external and internal crises during the COVID-19 pandemic

  Zara (Inditex) H&M Uniqlo
Monetary contribution Donated ten million euros to communities in Spain Donated $500,000 to the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund
In the U.S., every $60 spent on, directly donated $10 to charities
Donated $257,000 all over the world
In-kind contribution Donated medical supplies, including masks, gloves, goggles, caps, scrubs, and hospital gowns
Provided their logistics and supplier network to the Spanish government in order to produce and donate PPEs
Offered essential public health alerts and guidance through their own social media channel
Switched to manufacturing large numbers of personal protective equipment (PPEs) instead of clothing for donating to hospitals and health care workers
Donated 70,000 pieces of H&M products to U.S. organizations
Donated masks to medical facilities, affiliated partner organizations, and employees
Donated Uniqlo clothing items such as AIRism and HEATTECH products to medical facilities
Donated hand sanitizer and required telecommuting by their staff
Enforced measures to their partner supply chain in order to maintain safety while manufacturing their clothing
Scope of contribution Contributed to their own country, the Spanish government, and hospitals Contributed to international organizations and hospitals around the world Contributed to organizations affiliated with the company, as well as medical facilities, employees, and suppliers around the world
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