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International Journal of Interdisciplinary Research

Table 1 Measurement assessment

From: Augmented reality as a product presentation tool: focusing on the role of product information and presence in AR

Factor Items FL AVE CR Cronbach’s α
Presence While I was using this AR application 0.622 0.868 0.897
 It felt like the sneakers really existed 0.723
 It felt like these sneakers were real 0.850
 It felt like I was actually wearing the sneakers 0.810
 My appearance wearing the product looked real 0.767
Imagery While I was using this AR application 0.474 0.723 0.884
 I could imagine wearing the sneakers 0.848
 A specific image or scene related to the sneakers came to mind 0.634
 I could imagine using the sneakers 0.548
Information fulfillment This AR service 0.619 0.889 0.907
 Provides detailed information about the product 0.610
 Provides sufficient content for the information I want to know 0.780
 Provides product information that is useful to me 0.845
 Provides abundant information 0.847
 Provides appropriate product information for my needs 0.826
Psychological ownership While I was using this AR application 0.539 0.806 0.889
 I felt like I owned these sneakers 0.978
 I felt like these sneakers were my belongings 0.878
 I felt as if these sneakers were mine 0.515
 I could feel how it would be like to actually own these sneakers 0.402
Product evaluation  I think that these sneakers are worth buying 0.871 0.785 0.916 0.901
 I think that I can highly value these sneakers 0.884
 I am willing to buy these sneakers 0.903