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International Journal of Interdisciplinary Research

Table 6 Positive figures of top three brands in 2019 F/W fashion week’s ready-to-wear collection

From: Fashion informatics of the Big 4 Fashion Weeks using topic modeling and sentiment analysis

  Paris Milan New York London
Brand 1 Chanel 0.36 Gucci 0.40 Michael Kors 0.65 Burberry 0.39
Brand 2 Dior 0.47 Versace 0.36 Ralph Lauren 0.44 Victoria Beckham 0.50
Brand 3 Balmain 0.41 Prada 0.43 Marc Jacobs 0.39 Vivienne Westwood 0.31
  1. Note: The numbers represent the sentimental evaluation of the brand; Sentimental evaluation of the brand = Number of the positive tweets about the brand/total number of tweets about the brand