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International Journal of Interdisciplinary Research

Table 1 Results of power analysis (n = 251)

From: Can consumers’ gamified, personalized, and engaging experiences with VR fashion apps increase in-app purchase intention by fulfilling needs?

Dependent variables   Independent variables Number of predictors Observed R2 Statistical power (%)
COM-N CHA, ACI 2 .93 100
AUT-N AVC, AVI 2 .85 100
REL-N SOP, SOS 2 .90 100
CI COM-N, AUT-N, REL-N 3 .70 100
PI COM-N, AUT-N, REL-N, PI 4 .48 100
  1. CHA Challenge, ACI Achievement, AVC Avatar customization, AVI Avatar identification, SOP Social presence, SOS Social support, COM-N Competence need fulfillment, AUT-N Autonomy need fulfillment, REL-N Relatedness need fulfillment, CI Intention to continuously use a VR fashion app, PI Intention to make in-app purchases
  2. All power estimates were obtained from power analyses with sample size of n = 251 at alpha level = .05