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The fashion and textiles discipline has intertwined with aligned disciplines such as natural sciences, humanities, social sciences, and the arts. In today’s rapidly changing, increasingly complex environment of academia and industry, this discipline is more converged and diverged by collaborating with highly innovative technology, cultural heritage, art, and fashion business to create new value. Continuing to make this progress, Fashion & Textiles envisions the capabilities of integrated disciplines that will help scholars and industry experts facilitate challenging and rewarding opportunities.

Fashion and textiles are part of a universal experience, their industries have a powerful global potential in both economic and socio-cultural terms. The textile and fashion industry, represented as upstream and downstream, consists of four supply chain levels from textiles, apparel design, production, and marketing to consumers. Thus, the scope of our journal includes the following four technical research divisions: Textile Science and Technology, Clothing Science and Technology, Economics of Clothing and Textiles/Fashion Business, and Fashion Design and History. Fashion and Textiles features contemporary technology, theory, and creative knowledge to enhance unique disciplinary values inherent in the field of fashion and textiles and acts as a platform for academic exchange for synergy creation due to a solid boundary among scientific approaches, business approaches or artistic approaches.

The many separate and interdependent sectors of the fashion and textiles industries are no longer linearly interrelated, but move in a more circular or connective paradigm. Fashion and Textiles now focus on increasing interrelated functionalities. For example, new textiles are changing how the body interacts with its surroundings and how designers are fashioning the built clothing environment. A large range of techniques are selected and organized to form a 3D garment design technology. Fashion marketers explore new trends in style and technology and study how consumers perceive and respond to trends in order to better serve the ever-changing needs of consumers. Thus Fashion and Textiles strongly encourage submissions of inter-disciplinary, cross functional, and concept/vision papers to develop a culture that welcomes innovative ideas and fresh perspectives. This new journal will invigorate a wide-range of academics and industrial practitioners such as material scientists, cultural theorists, design theorists, artists, and market researchers to promote scholarly exchanges from various aspects of fashion and textiles worldwide.

We would like to extend our appreciation to our authors for their participation in this launching issue and our editorial board for their support. Besides, we want to extend our thanks to the staff of Springer, especially Mark de Jongh, Cindy Zitter, Paula Sonneveld, Bin Walters, Fiona Routley, and Smith Chae for their constant guidance and support.

It is our intention that the Fashion and Textiles become a platform to provide an open forum for innovative ideas and fresh perspectives that represent a hub for interdisciplinary fashion and textiles research in engineering, natural sciences, social sciences and the arts. This issue marks an exciting beginning and we wish to invite your next contribution and further collaboration.

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