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International Journal of Interdisciplinary Research

Table 1 General information of the responding companies

From: Pants lining manufacturing survey of menswear brands in South Korea

Company Name Brand Name Target Age Company Name Brand Name Target Age
Cheil Industries Pal Zileri 29–59 Shinwon Sieg 25–35
Galaxy 30–50 Solid Homme Solid Homme 25–35
Gnco T.I. for Men 25–32 The Basic House The Class 20–35
Handsome Time Homme 25–35 Durban 20’s–30’s
System Homme 30’s Tomboy Comodo Square 24–39
Hyungji Arnaldo Bassini 30–50 Zishen Zishen Homme 40
LG Fashion Daks Late 30’s to 50’s