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International Journal of Interdisciplinary Research

Table 3 Results of sustainable value factor analysis

From: Impacts of sustainable value and business stewardship on lifestyle practices in clothing consumption

Factor Scale items F.L.a E.V. (%)b αc
Altruistic I respect equal opportunity for all .827 21.30 .88
I value a world free of war and conflict .768
I like to correct injustice .798
I care for others who are weak and older .693
Anthropocentric I respect the earth and nature .764 31.84 .93
I believe it is important to harmonize with other species and nature .764
I prefer to fit into nature rather than control nature .781
I like to protect the environment .818
I anticipate preserving nature .815
I try to prevent pollution .658
I believe in protecting natural resources .604
Ecocentric I consider the balance of nature is delicate and easily upset .646 18.52 .80
I think the earth has a finite amount of space for all its inhabitants .765
I do not think plants and animals exist primarily for human use .787
I think one of die most important reasons for conservation is to preserve wild areas .566
  1. n = 239; Scale range: 1 = Strongly disagree; 6 = Strongly agree
  2. aFactor loading; b explained variance; c Cronbach’s α