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Table 4 Various ANSI standards dealing with laser hazards

From: The use of laser in garment manufacturing: an overview

Laser standards Description
ANSI Z136.1 (safe use of lasers) This standard is the foundation of laser safety programs for industry, military, research and development and higher education (universities)
ANSI Z136.2 (safe use of optical fibre communication systems utilizing laser diode and LED sources) This standard provides guidelines for the safe use, maintenance, service and installation of optical systems utilizing laser diodes or light emitting diodes operating at wavelengths between 0.6 µm and 1 mm
ANSI Z136.3 (safe use of lasers in health care) This standard provides guidelines for individuals working with Class 3B and Class 4 lasers and laser systems in health care
ANSI Z136.4 (recommended practice for laser safety measurements for hazard evaluation) This standard provides guidelines for measurement procedures necessary for the classification and evaluation of optical radiation hazards
ANSI Z136.5  (Safe use of lasers in educational institutions) This standard provides guideline for organisations and implementation of laser safety and training programs. In addition, it privides graphics for entryway controls, laser installations and laser laboratory layouts
ANSI Z136.6 (safe use of lasers outdoors) This standard provides guidelines for the safe use of lasers in an outdoor environment such as construction, light shows, scientific, research and military
ANSI Z136.7 (testing and labelling of laser protective equipment) This standard provides guidelines on the test methods and protocols used to provide eye protection from lasers and laser systems
ANSI Z136.8 (safe use of lasers in research, development, or testing) This standard provides guidelines on the safe use of lasers and laser systems found in research, development or testing environments, where safety controls common for commercial lasers may either be missing or disabled
ANSI Z136.9 (safe use of lasers in manufacturing environments) This standard provides guidelines for laser exposures when lasers are used in manufacturing environments. This also includes policies and procedures for safety in both public and private industries as well as product development along with testing