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International Journal of Interdisciplinary Research

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Table 3 Hypothesis test results and mediation results between two different consumer groups

From: Factors influencing consumers’ purchase intention of green sportswear

Hypothesis and moderation Result
G1 (N = 134) G2 (N = 408)
P value Z value P value Z value
H1a: expectation → attitude Supported***   Supported***  
H1b: expectation → PI Not supported   Supported***  
M1: expectation → attitude → PI Fully supported .001 Partially supported .001
H2a: perception → attitude Not supported   Supported***  
H2b: perception → PI Not supported   Not supported  
M2: perception → attitude → PI Not supported .614 Fully supported .001
H3a: SN → attitude Supported***   Supported***  
H3b: SN → PBC Supported***   Supported***  
H3c: SN → PI Supported***   Supported***  
M3: SN → attitude → PI Partially supported .011 Partially supported .001
H4a: PBC → attitude Not supported   Not supported  
H4b: PBC → PI Not supported   Supported*  
M4: PBC → attitude → PI Not supported .771 Not supported .083
H5: attitude → PI Supported***   Supported***  
  1. G1 non-green product users, G2 green product uses, H hypothesis, M moderation, SN subjective norm, PBC perceived behavioral control, PI purchase intention
  2. * p < .05
  3. *** p < .001