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International Journal of Interdisciplinary Research

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Table 2 Contents by question type

From: An exploratory study on up-cycling as the sustainable clothing life at home

Types of questions Content of a question
Opening question Have you ever heard of ‘sustainability’?
Introductory questions Please speak freely when you hear the term ‘sustainability’
Transition questions How much do you know about sustainability at home, especially sustainability in clothing?
Key questions What is the sustainable clothing life I have experienced in person?
Why did you practice? What are some of the factors that drove sustainable consumption behavior?
Are you satisfied with the experience? Are you continuing?
What is the way we practice sustainable clothing in our homes?
What has changed in our homes as a result of the practice of sustainable clothing at home? Will it affect society beyond home?
Have you ever practiced up-cycling?
Are you satisfied with the experience? Are you continuing?
(Present photo) What about this case? Do you want to practice?
Ending questions Was the summary appropriate?
Any other comments?