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International Journal of Interdisciplinary Research

Table 1 Analysis of the products

From: Re-birthed fashion handbags as a collaborative design project

Style no.
Stock images
Problem analysis of the product
Consumer review
1_ D1
<Problem analysis of the product>
   It has an inconvenient clasp
   It is too heavy
   The front cover is too long and the inside cover panel is too high
   The fabric and colour are not gorgeous enough for the price
<Consumer review_26-year-old woman>
   The clasp is not gorgeous and is inconvenient
   The fabric is ugly and does not fit with the brand concept
   The colour is awful
   Having just one way to open it is not good
   The inside packing area should be divided
   The size of the bag is unuseful
   Add an opening zipper instead of a button for easy opening
   Modify the bag type to a tote bag or clutch because of the heavy fabric
2_ D2
<Problem analysis of the product>
   The fabric is rare
   The handle length is unuseful
   The inside lining is tacky and there is no inside pocket
   What is the end use of this bag?
<Consumer review_28-year-old woman>
   It looks like a fruit case and ice box, not a bag
   The fabric is so strange
   The size of the bag is such an embarrassment
   The shape of the bag is so funny
   Remove the handles and modify the bag type, as, for example, a clutch or key holder
   Modify to the new shape of the bag design
<Problem analysis of the product>
   The handles are tacky
   The details are not gorgeous
<Consumer review_27-year-old woman>
   It is good for a daily bag but the colour is problematic
   The Inside needs a partition
<Consumer review_25-year-old woman>
   It seems the handles are weak
   The handles are unpopular and not strong
   Fix the square shape of the bag
   Add gorgeous details and change the handle design
4_ D4
<Problem analysis of the product>
   Imbalance between handle and bag
   Pattern of the cover and black colour do not match
   Pattern motifs on the bag cover are not luxurious
   Shoulder strap is rare and does not match the body of the bag
<Consumer review_27-year-old woman>
   The fabric textile pattern motifs on the cover are too strong
   The details do not match one another
   The bag is too fancy for young girls
   Remove the cover and modify the bag type to a new design
   Add gorgeous details
5_ D5
<Problem analysis of the product>
   Unconvinced about the opening button
   Body fabric is so tacky and out of fashion
   Lack of detail
   Need to design an upgrade for consumers as a men’s bag
   Weak top handle
<Consumer review_40-year-old man>
   Looks like a woman’s backpack
   Too expensive
   Not good quality
   The size of the bag is ambiguous
   The design has no attractive points
   Need to change to a woman’s tote bag design
   Modify the size for new item
   Reinterpret the target age and gender for the design
<Problem analysis of the product>
   The target age-groups of the bag are ambiguous
   Shoulder straps are very weak and uncomfortable
   Opening parts are uncomfortable and impractical
   Inside partition should be added
   Inside space is not useful
<Consumer review_40-year-old woman>
   The zipper on the opening is uncomfortable
   Too heavy as a backpack
   Inside space of the bag is too practical and needs a partition for notebook space
   The colour is rare
   Is it for men or women?
   It needs a specific target age
   Change the opening zipper to a button-type detail
7_ D7
<Problem analysis of the product>
   Hand grip and shoulder string are rare and do not match the body
   This design is out of fashion
<Consumer review_45-year-old woman>
   Shoulder strap is rare
   Fabric is too weak and easy to tear
   It does not match with the brand image and is not gorgeous
   The colour and fabric are awful
   Such a light fabric bag will be well matched to a sports bag
   Modify the design with a focus on the specific fabric