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Table 1 List of materials and devices used

From: An assistive sleeping bag for children with autism spectrum disorder

Material Picture Specification
Conductive yarn Silver coated polyamide yarns Density 235/34 dtex Resistivity 100 Ω/m Statex GmbH, Germany
Shell fabric 100% polyamide Weight 70 g/m2 Shelby Ltd., Finland
Filling/insulator Neoprene 5 mm Density 170 ± 30 kg/m3 Shelby Ltd., Finland
Weighted elements 100% polypropylene granules Kamdar Plastics, India
Microcontroller Arduino Uno board and Arduino Software (IDE) 1.0 Arduino AG, Italy
Vibration motor DC motor Size 8.8 mm, 3.0 V, 12,000 rpm Jinlong Machinery, USA
Resistor 220 Ω Velleman nv., Belgium